Portable hardness tester
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Portable hardness tester

Machinery Analyzer / Data Collector TV310

Machinery Analyzer / Data Collector TV310
Optional Accessories
- Techo / Trigger sensor

- reflector paper

- Balance module for TV310
  • 400-lines FFT spectrum and waveform display
  • Full featured data collector for predictive maintenance
  • Optional balancing module for 1 and 2-planes field balancing with influence coefficient method
  • Windows-based PC software (MCM) with functions of maintenance database management, trend analysis, various spectrum analysis, waveform analysis, time-domain diagnosis, bearing and gear box diagnosis
  • Back-lighted LCD screen, 128 x 112 pixels
  • Menu-driven with English prompts
  • Measure vibration displacement, velocity, acceleration and acceleration envelope with a single transducer
  • Large memory for 270 data sets (included point ID, four vibration characteristic value, a 100-line spectrum, condition code for visual inspection, process parameter)
  • Spectrum comparison function
  • Small size, handheld and rugged design
Standard delivery
  • Vibration data collector
  • Accelerometer
  • Magnetic mount
  • Steel Probe
  • Battery charger
  • Accelerometer cable
  • RS232 communication cable
  • Quick start guide
  • User's manual
  • MCME2 software CD
  • TIME certificate
  • Carrying case


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