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Equotip - Piccolo

Equotip - Piccolo

The EQUOTIP PICCOLO metal hardness tester is a revolutionary new rebound hardness tester. It features a new patented load & release mechanism - the impact body is launched at the surface and loaded for the next test in a single motion!

The EQUOTIP PICCOLO also features:
  • Automatic impact direction
    compensation - highly accurate in any direction automatically
  • Large, high contrast LCD display - easy
    to read
  • Converts directly to common hardness scales (HV, HB, HRC, HRB, Rm, HS) and allows for customer specific curves
  • 3 button keypad for simple and easy control of the features
  • Self diagnostics and error checking
  • Scratch proofed anodized Aluminum housing - rugged and durable
  • Intelligent On/Standby power switching for optimum battery charge life
  • Durable Li-Ion rechargeable battery - charges through the USB port from host computer or optional computer-independent AC charger/adapter
  • Bi-Directional USB communication with remote control
  • Internal, non-volatile data storage of 2'000 readings complete with tagging of important information like day, time, and statistics
  • Compact size for easy carrying - just 145mm x 44mm x 20mm (5.71"x1.74"x0.79")
  • Ready for integration into automatic testing
  • PICCOLINK interfaces software included at no charge
  • Easy upgrades of firmware via internet

Equotip - Piccolo

The EQUOTIP PICCOLO measures the Leeb hardness value (HL) for materials, which is a ratio of the rebound velocity to the impact velocity. This HL value is then converted to standard hardness scales such as Rockwell, Brinell, Shore and Vickers using conversion tables stored in the display unit and generated from the original Leeb standard. Thus, an EQUOTIP instrument reading from today will match (within tolerance) an EQUOTIP instrument since production started back in 1975.


EQUOTIP PICCOLO portable hardness testers can be used with a variety of Support Rings that allow for measurement of a wide variety of part geometries.



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